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Every home should have a workshop! With a range of colours we can blend the building in with your environment.

Whether it’s to work on your car or bike, mend something that has broken or indulge in your favourite hobby our insulated building can keep all your tools equipment dry and secure. As our buildings are maintenance free you won’t have to spend time painting and keeping them in a good state of repair this will give you more time to play in your workshop!

We can build you the ideal bespoke home office in your garden. All our insulated buildings have a bright white interior so are ideal for that fresh and clean office environment. All electric supplies are easily surface mounted to the insulated panels so you can have use of all the everyday equipment required. Our most popular colours are silver or white.

These buildings are also ideal for therapy rooms as they keep a nice warm temperature due to the insulation value. The panels come in a range of insulation thicknesses so can cope with the warmest of internal environments.

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