We are car fanatics; especially of the classic kind, so if like us you want to keep your car in a perfect environment these could be exactly what you need.

Our car garages are in our insulated range and therefore offer a secure, weather protected and condensation free practical solution for storing your car. Some of our customers have beautiful classic cars and need their prize possessions kept warm, dry and secure so these are perfect for doing just that.

With sizes starting around 3m wide x 6m in length this enables more than enough space to store your car and be able to easily open the doors once inside. Like all our buildings they are bespoke so you can have what you like! If you would like them bigger and with windows we can offer you a choice of options. Need a colour to match your environment? We are sure we can accommodate. With security, maintenance free, weather and fire proof all at an affordable price what more could you want from your garage!

For more information or a price on our car garages please click here.

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